When people finally get a chance to go on holiday, they are wondering whether they should use this period of the year to focus on their health or to have a typical holiday abroad where they will spend most of the days on some beautiful sandy beach. If you are facing a similar dilemma, you should know that you can combine these two things. Namely, you can have a sport holiday that will make you feel and look great.

In the last few years, travel agencies have witnessed increased interest in activity and adventure holidays. So, modern people can now choose between many different countries and many different activities. However, if you want to get the maximum from your holiday, we would highly recommend going to Thailand. If you travel to Thailand, you will get a chance to visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You will also get access to nice beach bars and beautiful restaurants in popular tourist hotspots. Thailand is also known for the incredible nature, amazing towns, villages and cities and great people. But, you are probably wondering what makes Thailand a good sports holiday destination. The answer is simple, two words – Muay Thai.

You have probably heard about Thai boxing which is the other name for Muay Thai. So, we are talking about joining a training camp where you can practice this combat sport, ancient martial art, and attractive fitness discipline.

Muay Thai has emerged in the 14th century in Thailand. People in this part of Southeast Asia have used martial arts for a long time, but this was the first time they have used an organized set of combat skills. Muay Thai was very efficient and it has helped many Thais to protect their lives and properties. This is why it has become an official course in the Thai army. A few centuries later Muay Thai has become a very popular sport that was supported by the King of Thailand.

In the 21st century, people have realized that Muay Thai can be used in another way – as a fitness discipline. Today, people from different corners of the world are joining Muay Thai training camps. In a training camp like this, they are following the advice of professional trainers who are doing their best to help them improve their health and get in shape fast.

Muay Thai training is suitable for literally every category of people. It’s also good to mention that people should not be afraid of injuries or other problems during these classes because there is no physical contact between students. This is a fitness training not real training for professionals. Yet, most of the exercises are the same. These exercises are versatile and dynamic and provide great results. Even a short training of 10 or 15 days can help students strengthen their physique, improve the work of vital organs and systems and improve endurance, flexibility, and stamina. Muay Thai does wonders for the mental health too. Every Muay Thai camp has a website, so visit their official websites before booking a class.

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