Most of us tend to easily gain weight as we aged, and it is harder to lose the weight as this age. As our body slows down, our activities also slow down. With the change in hormones, it affects our body’s function. Our metabolism also slows down and the calories we take in, get burned off slower and these calories are stored as fat in our body.

Doctors will usually advised us to eat less carbohydrates and more of fresh fruits and green vegetables.

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies. Fresh fruits such as apples and berries are great substitute for high sugar snacks and will make you full even if you are eating less.

To start off a new day, most doctors will recommend that we do not skip our breakfast. We should start with a healthy morning meal with whole wheat toast and fruits or a bowl of cooked oatmeal. It is healthier than grabbing a fast food burger or creamed bun to curb your hunger. Some people skip breakfast but tend to overeat at lunch. Three basic meals without snacks in between meals works well for most people. For others, taking small meals every few hours keeps their weight in check.

Our body function differently and we have to see which works best for our own body. Some prefer to stick to proper lunch and a light dinner.  Others prefer to skip lunch and instead have a glass of protein shakes as a meal supplement and take an early dinner so that they will not sleep with a full tummy. Actually, it is not when we eat but what we eat that counts. Maintaining a balanced diet is important to keep our weight in check and keep our body healthy.

The way we prepare our food also affects the amount of calories and fat we take in. Instead of frying in oil or butter, a healthier option is to steam, grill, bake or broil the food. It is also good to avoid creamy sauces which are packed with unhealthy fats. As we grow older, our body slows down and will consume less calories than before. To avoid the temptation to go for second helping of food, it is better to leave the table as soon as you finished the food on your plate.

Another advice by doctors is to chew more on our food. The more we chew, the longer we take to eat our food and it gives time for the food to reach our stomach to make us feel full. Another good advice for smokers is not to smoke immediately after your meal. We also need to cut down on sugary drinks and alcohol intake to avoid weight gain and risk of diabetes.

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